Will Your Paycheck Delivery Method Weather the Storm?

Payroll direct depositHere’s something we can all agree on; people like to get paid!

Sometimes, weather doesn’t always cooperate with what we want.

The winter months are approaching and that can mean snow and ice depending on where your Employers Resource payroll branch is located.

If your payroll is processed in North Carolina, snow isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the weather. However, last year North Carolina experienced major snow and ice storms. Employers let employees go home early. Businesses in the area shut down. Even FedEx had to press pause! Most secondary roads weren’t safe for driving.  Needless to say, it was a difficult winter.

The North Carolina Branch processed all of the payrolls on time; however, FedEx had to stop pick-ups and deliveries. This meant that the majority of our clients received their paycheck later than usual.

If your employees don’t take advantage of direct deposit or a pay cards, they are not as protected from weather delaying their paychecks. We encourage all business owners to strongly suggest direct deposit or a pay card as the only pay options if allowable in their state.

We can setup a direct deposit or a pay card for our clients at no charge. Make sure your paycheck delivery method can weather the storms. Let us know and we can start the process and have your direct deposit or pay card setup within two to three pay cycles. The pay card can be used just like a credit card. Implement these payroll methods and bring on the winter storms! Be confident and know your employees will be happy they get paid no matter how bad the weather.

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