Discover the Benefits of PEO Payroll Administration [FREE GUIDE]

Book with The Benefits of PEO Payroll administration on coverOur own Lisa Webb shared the benefits of PEO payroll administration in a post earlier this year. We encourage you to go check it out if you are researching about the various payroll solutions available. We have outlined this information for you in a new PDF guide comparing various payroll outsourcing solutions for your business.  This guide outlines the benefits that PEO payroll administration offers you when compared to other solutions. It teaches you how a PEO addresses the top four challenges facing business owners when it comes to payroll.

  1. Consistent and accurate deductions and withholdings
  2. Getting payroll processed and out on time
  3. Compliance with state employment compensation and tax laws
  4. Timeliness of tax deposits


The guide begins by defining payroll administration and the tasks it involves. We explain what makes payroll so complicated and how a PEO solution makes everything more simple and easy for the business owner. Then we look at the key advantages a PEO Payroll service, and also what sets it apart when comparing it with other payroll solutions.

Head over to the Employer Resource Center to download a free copy today. Check out all of the free resources available while you’re there!

Enjoy your work today!

Download the eBook Here


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