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Barbara G.Produce Company

It has been a pleasure to work with Employer’s Resource for our human resource and payroll needs. Their prompt and professional attention to every communication makes for a cohesive working relationship that allows for me to make the best use of my time as a manager. Having a Client Service Coordinator available to us helps to ensure that each issue is addressed appropriately no matter how big or small. Our Client Service Coordinator has exceeded what I believe is expected by making herself available even outside of her work hours to resolve issues and offer her support and expertise. Every representative is knowledgeable and kind – we are lucky to have such a warm working relationship with this team.

Genevieve A.Vet Hospital Manager

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PEO North Carolina

Employers Resource Raleigh
Local: (919) 573-4470
Toll Free: 1 (888) 884-3784
Fax: (919) 573-4466

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