PEO San Antonio Branch History

Our PEO San Antonio branch opened in 2004. Employers Resource is a national PEO Company (Professional Employer Organization) dedicated to caring more about our clients than any other PEO. This ethic of care is proven by every service we complete for our clients whether it be payroll, HR administration, PEO workers’ comp, benefits administration, HR compliance, risk management and many more.

If you have ever been to San Antonio, you know the charm of this town can’t be ignored. We opened this branch when we merged with a local San Antonio PEO that had been serving the area since 1984. It was a match made in Heaven when we combined forces. The same team since 1984 with some great additions are serving our San Antonio clients with 67 combined years of PEO experience. To the staff in San Antonio, service means total dedication and a “do whatever it takes” attitude. Texas PEO clients couldn’t be in better hands than this team from the Alamo city. Long term relationships ensured the success of this branch. Read the full story here.

Happy Clients in San Antonio

We have been a client for 24 years. The level of attention and personalized service is great. Many competitors contact us to offer their services and we always tell them we have the best partner in Employers Resource.

David S.Air Conditioning Contractor

Our Association has worked with Employers Resource for close to one year and it has been a wonderful partnership. They have provided our employees with professional assistance when needed, are responsive to our needs and have been a joy to work with. We have worked with other PEO’s and firmly believe Employers Resource stands above the competition.

Jim R.Community Assn.

Employers Resource takes away the burden of payroll, payroll reporting, payroll taxes, benefits, and has staff available to guide us through the legal concerns dealing with employees.

Doug and Darla ThorntonSan Antonio, TX

They are a top-notch company providing outstanding customer service to decrease administrative burden and reduce HR legal exposure both in payroll and OSHA compliance. They are not just a payroll company or employee leasing company they are partners standing together with us. You will be hard-pressed to find another provider who can stand toe-to-toe with Employer’s Resource. I encourage you to speak with someone from their capable team today!

Joel W.Waco, TX

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