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Social Media Screening: What You Need to Know As an Employer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thanks to social media platforms, our lives can be more or less open books. Although that’s a large part of the appeal, it also can make situations stickier in specific contexts. Many of us use social media to keep in touch with friends and family, sharing intimate details of our lives. However, these details are not necessarily what we would want to share with people we don’t know as well, such as an employer.

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As social media becomes more firmly ensconced in the everyday reality of modern society, employers face a quandary. On the one hand, social media can provide employers with additional insight into a job candidate that they may not get from a resume or interview. On the other hand, screening social media may be unreliable or even unethical. The power is in employers’ hands. That’s why employers need to understand the risks and rewards associated with using social media as a research tool when considering applicants. It may seem harmless, but it can have significant ramifications for employers if they’re not careful. The accompanying guide illustrates what employers need to know about social media screening. Be sure to take a look before you begin combing through an applicant’s Facebook feed.

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