Taking the Plunge, Are you ready for an online HRIS?

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I’ve spent the last 18 months evaluating, testing and implementing an online HRIS system for Employers Resource.  During that time, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of clients from a variety of industries, each with a different number of employees. Sometimes with much pain, the clients and I have discovered together that an online HRIS is not for everyone.  I also asked a lot of questions that will help you discover the answer to this question: “Are you ready to take the plunge to an online HRIS?”

What Do You Need from Human Resources?

First, what do you want it to do?  Your current processes need to be evaluated, and you need to ask the questions, “what is working,” “what is not working,” and “what is HR ’s biggest need?”  Do you need greater reporting capability to track human resources’ new hire paperwork, compensation changes, or employee performance?  Maybe you want it to manage time because of suspected abuse and have it integrate into your human resources’ payroll for a seamless process.  Working processes can become more efficient with the use of an HRIS and will generally have already integrated your ‘broken’ processes as part of a total human resources system.

Do You Have Holes in Human Resources and Payroll Processes?

Second, while looking at your current processes, are there gaping holes?  Have you found yourself traveling a lot and so your HR function is on the backburner because you’re playing catch-up with email?  One of the main attractions to an HRIS is mobility.  It’s hosted online and is generally accessible wherever there is internet access.  Maybe your recruitment is in desperate need of help and you need applicant processing and new hire onboarding capabilities.  An HRIS can provide both.

Will Employees as Managers and Human Resources Workers Use It?

Third, who will use it?  Since most HRIS products on the market are designed for all levels of access, with as many employees as managers, using the system, would all levels use it?  One of the primary advantages of an online HRIS is the self-service model for employees to change demographic information or to make tax withholding changes.  Do your employees currently use technology at work or at home?  How about your management or supervisors? Or the owners?  If the owner is not on board, chances are that no one else will be either.  So consider the cost of the system itself as well as the cost of managing the change for those who don’t like technology.

With its ability to close gaps in existing processes and to make your human resources system more mobile, an HRIS can be a great thing for a company on the move and drowning in paperwork. But it isn’t for everyone.

Have you considered an HRIS? What influenced your decision?

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