Never Over-Correct, It Causes Accidents

image of a two lane road in between two fields. there is a tree on the right side of the road

I think this must happen to lots of us.  

We’re going along thinking all is well in our American Dream Story when bam… we find something inside our company that is not the way it should be. It’s ridiculous how bad it is. How could anyone have thought to do it this way to begin with?

Emotions are running high and just when you open your mouth to start barking orders you remember this handy tip from me… (aren’t you lucky to have gotten this?).

NEVER over-correct, it causes accidents. I picked up on this valuable lesson when learning to drive. And it applies here also. It’s not going to help anything or anyone if you make the person doing this ridiculous thing feel like they are not smart.

And in fact, the person may not have had much training or instruction and wasn’t able to think through the implications of their action.

Take a deep breath, come alongside this person. Try to see it from their perspective. And support them by showing or telling them the correct way to do it.

After all, the objective isn’t to run this dream off a cliff by over-correcting. The objective is to keep it between the lines.  This works best with little adjustments. Here’s hoping you have a great day. #LivinTheDream

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