Bullies and What You Need to Know About Them

This little man is the sherriff of bullying in his town. Who watches out for bullying in your organization?

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O.K., I can imagine that you are like me in that we like to think our companies are little Gardens of Eden with flowers and smiles all day long.  I hope that is true at your place, and mostly it’s true here.  But every once in a while you may have an employee who is exhibiting some bully behavior.  As employers/business owners it’s important to recognize that this behavior is costly to our business in lost productivity and may just end up in court as well.

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How Management Can Create a Policy to Deal with Bully Behavior

It’s so important to recognize that not all bullies are brash and loud. As a matter of fact, some of the best bullies are actually quite charming publicly, and that is precisely what allows them to get away with it for so long.  Be aware of how otherwise great employees are acting non-productively when working with a certain employee for some clues.

So, what’s a Garden of Eden keeper to do? Here are four things:

  1. Make sure every employee knows that your policy won’t tolerate that behavior
  2. Give employees a way to report it
  3. Have clearly defined steps for dealing with it, and
  4. Be prepared to handle all cases in a non-discriminatory way. You can’t allow good ole’ Bob to get away with bully behavior if you wouldn’t allow it of Fred.

Our Client Service team can help you put together a policy and discuss it with you.  As always, call us if you have any questions.

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