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The Vacation Checklist for Managers

[This piece was originally published in  June, 2018. We’ve given it a light update – just in time for vacation.]

Vacation season is upon us, and even though you are the boss, you deserve time off too.  This week, we want to provide you with a handy checklist to use as you prepare to take some vacation time for yourself.  Here is a list of things to do before you leave:

  • Leave someone in charge!  Who will turn in the hours for payroll while you are gone?  Will you allow them to approve the payroll and initiate payroll payment?  Be sure to let your payroll technician/personnel know what information can and cannot be shared with that person in your absence.
  • Provide a list of key contacts. Leave your in-charge employee with a list of relevant names and phone numbers.  For instance, your bank’s phone number, your payroll contact at Employers Resource (if you’re a client), and of course, your Client Service Coordinator or HR rep!
  • Create emergency instructions. Do employees know what to do if there is an injury?  Leave the employees the phone number to your Work Comp department so that they can call if there is an injury.  For our clients, we will be happy to walk you through the process.
  • Put a lock on it!  Be sure to lock up or remove any confidential information from your office before you go on vacation.
  • Put an “out of office” on your phone and email.  Let people know when you will return and who to contact in case of emergency.
  • Leave someone the keys.  It would be unfortunate if everyone showed up to work on Monday morning and had no way to get into the office.
  • Tell your team when it’s ok to contact you. Be precise!  What do you consider an emergency that should warrant a call from your team while you are on vacation?
  • Set expectations for your employees. Let them know what is expected of them while you are out.  Make sure everyone knows their job responsibilities.
  • Send a reminder email. A week before you leave, send an email reminding everyone who needs to know that you will be out of town.  Encourage those that have time-sensitive issues to get with you before you depart.
  • Empower your team with trust.  By preparing your team and letting them know you trust them, you help your employees to make appropriate decisions and you get a distraction-free vacation!
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