Video Interviews, a New Tool for the Employer’s Tool Belt

Person on their laptop on a video call. Title - Video Interviews.

Hiring is expensive and time consuming. How do we conserve valuable resources without losing quality in the interview? How can we make the hiring process simpler while still resulting in a perfect fit?

New technology is often viewed as complicated and time-consuming to learn. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes, new technology comes around that improves our lives and doesn’t take much effort to adopt. When it comes to hiring, I believe video interviews to be a technology we need that won’t be difficult to integrate.

What if you lost your top candidate for the job because they lived too far away and couldn’t manage the travel cost and time? Video interviews are a perfect solution in this case. Even if your candidates are local, video interviews will save them and your business precious time and money.

This doesn’t have to replace the face-to-face video interview. For local candidates, it’s best to speak in person before making a hiring decision. But you might consider replacing your pre-interview phone screen with one-way video. You can send the same questions to all candidates (even give them a time frame for responses). Candidates can record their responses until they are happy with the result and then submit for your review.

Why Should Employers Use Video Interviews?

Here are some of the key features (depending on the platform you choose).
  • Recording: With video you can record the conversation for later review. Then colleagues can review the interview and make a collective decision on the candidate.
  • One-Way Video: This option allows you to standardize your pre-screening process.You record the same set of questions for all candidates and they can record their answers multiple times before submitting.
  • Collaboration: With tools like comments, rating systems, sharing, and a digital library collaboration is made easy. Share videos with your colleagues for timely, asynchronous, peer collaborative reviews.
  • New Talent: This is the best way to reach candidates from all over the globe. Some job seekers won’t even apply for certain jobs if the travel is too difficult. Consider mentioning that you’re open to video interviews in the job description.
  • Time and Cost Effective: With virtual interviews you cut out a lot of the time it usually takes to weed through candidates. Why bother with over-the-phone pre-screen interviews? That is the perfect opportunity to use one-way video.

Still Not Convinced?

That’s ok! This is a trend that might stick or might slip away with time. For the simple fact that it saves resources and exposes you to a larger pool of candidates, I believe it’s here to stay. Plus, it never hurts to learn new skills.

Tell us what you think. Do you use live video or one-way? What do you think of it? Is this the future of hiring? If you don’t use video and don’t plan to, tell us why.


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