The Good, the Bad, and the Truly Remarkable Bosses

Person writing on a notepad while drinking coffee. Title - Be Remarkable

Similar to your favorite teacher, favorite bosses are the ones who made such a strong impact on your professional life they’ll always hold a little place in your heart. Everyone needs a truly unforgettable leader, one that lifts up, inspires, and encourages employees and their professional careers. Here’s a few ways you can become that remarkable boss to some of your own employees.

Be a Port in the Storm

When things get rocky, remarkable bosses provide stable ground. You need to stay cool under immense pressure and show confidence (but be honest). When an employee is panicking over a crisis, your cool manner might seem illogical to them in the moment. But when things subside, they’ll appreciate your level head. Having an anchor to count on when things go haywire helps people see the big picture, think logically, and find reasonable solutions to weather the storm.

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Protect Them from the Bus

Bad bosses throw their employees under the bus. Good bosses don’t, but sometimes don’t prevent it from happening either. The bosses people remember see the bus coming a mile away and pull their employees out of the street. Sometimes, you’ll even have to push them out of the way and take the hit yourself. Instead of letting that happen to one of your employees, lend a helping hand, even if they’ll never know. If you have to take the hit, chat privately with the employee about the situation later.

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Gain Permission to Lead

Yes, your title does lend to many perks and responsibilities such as, well… telling people what to do. But remarkable bosses don’t treat that power as a right, they have employees that need and want leadership. Don’t wait around to be asked to take the lead on something. Encourage and inspire your employees so they feel like they’re working with you, not for you.

Many of the business owners we work with tell us one of the most rewarding things about owning a business is seeing the positive impact they have on the lives of their employees. You can be remarkable and you can dictate how you will change the lives of your employees.

Show ‘em who’s boss, and be remarkable.


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