Monday Motivation: Unbreakable Autonomy

Kid holding a sparkler, title - Unbreakable Autonomy

Autonomy is one of the biggest drivers for business owners and leaders. In a recent Monday Motivation post, we talked about Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic motivators. Since autonomy is one of the top three intrinsic motivators, we thought we would elaborate on that topic this week.

What is Autonomy?

Autonomy is the desire to direct our own lives. It’s probably one of the reasons you chose to start your business. However, we rarely talk about how autonomy is a skill that is important to develop within your employees. Here are some ways leaders can improve a feeling of autonomy among their employees to increase productivity and creativity.

1) Give employees the freedom they deserve. Try giving an employee (or group of employees) the leading role on a new project.

2) Don’t micromanage. ‘Nuff said!

3) Let them work on projects that interest them. If a particular employee shows strengths in a certain area, give them the freedom to explore that.

A person’s creativity and productivity can be directly related to their sense of autonomy. Freedom and creativity go hand in hand. When you’re working for someone else’s dream it can be hard to find that sense of autonomy, but the right leaders (you) can make it happen.

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