Monday Motivation: Top Killers of Your Employee Mojo

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Looking for ways to boost your employees’ motivation and productivity? You might want to start by looking at what could be negatively impacting your workforce. Make sure these motivation killers aren’t infesting your workplace.

Toxic People

Truly toxic people spread negativity everywhere they go. Sometimes, a person like this will make it into your organization before you realize their attitude is detrimental to the rest of your employees; or a good employee might be going through a rough time causing a toxic attitude that spreads throughout the office. Identify those people immediately, if they can’t be removed from the situation it’s best to chat with them about why they feel so negative and inform them of the impact they have on their co-workers. Again, they might just be going through a hard time and talking about it could fix the issue, or at least will make them more pleasant to work with. Check out this article on 10 toxic people you should avoid. Also, read this article for help with handling employees facing a personal crisis.

Inadequate Rewards

Feedback is important to any employee. They need to know when they’re doing great and when they’re not doing so great. They need to know how to improve any inadequacies, but they also need to be adequately rewarded for wins. Sometimes saying, “Thank you!” is all someone needs to hear. That’s great for small victories but also consider a small raise when appropriate. Studies show 26% of engaged employees would leave their current jobs for a 5% pay increase. Have a clearly defined rewards system so your employees know what it takes to reach the next level (raises or other rewards). They will be motivated to exceed expectations as long as you are consistent with delivering those rewards.

Bad Office Space

Do you have or have you considered an open-plan office in your business? Stop right there. Yes, open-plan offices are the latest startup fad but studies show it might be killing the thing you need most, productivity. Having everyone work together in one communal space might seem like it would increase collaboration but it actually harms your overall production. Employees in open-plan offices experience reduced motivation and decreased job satisfaction. Studies show that overhearing irrelevant conversations in the office is very intrusive and distracting.

This trend has other consequences too, offices with an open layout report 62% more sick-days on average than other businesses. I recommend honestly asking yourself what purpose the open-plan office would serve and if the risk of increased illnesses and decreased employee satisfaction is worth it.

Wasted Time

If you’ve ever watched The Office, you probably noticed Dwight and Michael’s continual need for unnecessary meetings. They waste a massive amount of time and eventually find they have really ticked-off their own employees. Usually, employees are happy to work long hours, even staying late, if they know their time is being used efficiently. The same goes for emails sent to everyone with irrelevant information. If that happens in your office, your employees are likely frustrated resulting in dropped motivation and satisfaction. Not great for finding your mojo.

Monday Motivation Is Great for Finding Your Mojo

There’s no time like the present to work on employee motivation and engagement, especially when it directly impacts the productivity of your company. For more tips and tricks see our other Monday Motivation articles below and subscribe to our blog to receive articles straight to your inbox.

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