Monday Motivation: Extrinsic VS. Intrinsic Motivation

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In “The Owner’s Manual” we talk a lot about motivating and engaging your employees. We hope our Monday motivation posts have been helpful to you. As a leader and business owner, you think about employee this topic often. Did you know there are different kinds of motivation? Lets take a look at how you can optimize both methods.

Extrinsic (External) Motivation

In our eBook, “25 Employee Retention Ideas,” we talk about things like appreciating your employees and breaking silos in order to create a happy and productive office culture. The eBook has great ideas any business owner can use to stir up extrinsic motivation.

Extrinsic motivators are things like money, trophies, and prizes. We all love those, of course. Unfortunately, that’s not enough. It’s not the everlasting motivation that employees need to keep going.

Intrinsic (Internal) Motivation

The other kind of motivation is called intrinsic. Things like pride, satisfaction and fun are all considered to be intrinsic or internal motivators. They are the secret to employee motivation. Check out this Infographic from Officevibe to learn what genuine employee engagement looks like.


The Secret To Employee Motivation (Infographic)
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