Introducing the New Hire Paperwork Checklist [PDF]

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So, it’s the first day for your new employee. Hooray! Where do you start onboarding? First, make sure they have all the necessary paperwork and documents to ensure they are informed and you are covered. We’ve created the New Hire Paperwork Checklist to ensure you don’t miss a thing. We’ve now combined the checklist with our New Hire Pocket Guide.

You might have noticed a few of our recent articles highlighting the importance of these documents. We hope they have helped you feel more organized when onboarding your new hire. Here is a quick peek at what we’ll cover on the checklist including links to the in-depth articles for your convenience.

Once you’ve downloaded the checklist and had a look, let us know how it has helped your onboarding processes. Did we miss anything? Tell us what you think in the comments below. And good luck with your new hire!

W-4 & I-9

Your new hire needs their W-4 and I-9 on or before they start their first day. This is how you’ll know how much to withhold for taxes. For more information on these forms check out our recent blog article here.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is super easy to set up and is great for your business and your employees. You’ll love the convenience of paying with direct deposit. Check out our blog post for a list of benefits and instructions to set it up.  


Most of your employees will receive benefits. They can be complicated and confusing so it’s important to carve out some time to explain these to your new hire. Most benefit packages have an enrollment deadline so give these benefit documents to your new hire as soon as possible.

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