How to Create Amazing Job Descriptions [CHECKLIST]

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You want to attract the best candidates, right? The job description is your first chance at grabbing them, and unfortunately, it’s where a lot of businesses lose those amazing candidates. Here is a quick checklist to use when creating job descriptions so you can attract the quality candidates you’re looking for.

The Checklist To Amazing Job Descriptions

checkmark.pngClear and Concise Title

What’s the position you’re hiring for? Make sure your title grabs the reader’s attention but isn’t obscure. It needs to be perfectly clear what position you are filling. In fact, keep your entire description as clear and concise as possible. Delete any unnecessary text. If it doesn’t help describe the position or your company, you probably don’t need it.

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checkmark.pngShow off Your Culture

Younger generations are less motivated by money and more attracted to positive work culture and benefits that promote a healthy work/life balance. Use a short video to help paint a picture of what it’s like to work there.

checkmark.pngDescribe the Position

Talk about what types of projects they will work on and what their role might be. Describe “a day in the life” of that position. Be open and honest about your descriptions and requirements. The tough stuff will eliminate under qualified candidates, but it will show others that you value their time by allowing them to fully evaluate the position before applying.

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checkmark.pngBe Specific

Be as specific as possible when describing what skills, experience, or education is required and what is preferred. Try to explain your ideal candidate but avoid personal characteristics and emphasize duties and responsibilities. Clearly describe what success looks like in this role and include something regarding compensation. You don’t have to state exact income, but a range will help boost interest.  

Don’t forget to proofread before posting and correct any errors.

If you find that you’re not getting any bites, revisit your description and loosen the reigns a little bit. Remember, you’re working hard on creating an amazing job description not so you can hire the first candidate to see your ad. You’re doing this so you can find an amazing new employee.

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