Download Our New Ebook! 25 Employee Retention Ideas

Nothing stinks like losing your top performers to a competitor…

Is your business plagued with a high turnover rate that’s keeping the talent in your industry from working with you? Maybe your retention rate is just where you want it and you are looking for ideas to protect that? This guide is for you! Check out our 25 fresh retention ideas to keep the grass greener on your side of the fence.

Download the list of 25 employee retention ideas here!

Book with 25 Employee Retention Ideas on coverEvery employer should be regularly evaluating their retention rate and seeking ideas to improve it. We’ve seen the studies and we know that when employees feel engaged and happy at their jobs this attitude directly impacts your customers feelings about your company.

We created this ebook for business owners in any industry to get you started creating a custom fit employee engagement program so you can improve and protect your retention rate.

  • In SHRM’s “Retaining Talent” guide it states the total cost of replacing an employee is estimated to be between 90% to 200% of his/her annual salary.

The grass is greener where you water it. The grass at your business is the culture, benefits, mission, core values, and communication and this ebook will help you water it.

Download our 25 Employee Retention Ideas Ebook and start improving your retention today!

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