3 Ways to Motivate Your Team: Lift up, Encourage, and Inspire

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It might sound like good news to hear that employee engagement levels are at the highest they have been since 2000. But, it’s important to note that only 31.5% of employees feel engaged in their jobs (source). That’s not great.

Employers, managers, and leaders are constantly looking for ways to motivate their team. This month, we celebrate our 30th birthday and a running theme around here is to “Lift up, encourage, and inspire.” Today I want to give you some insight how you can provide that to your employees and why it will boost motivation and engagement.

Lift up:

Sometimes, life gets you down and it’s tough to keep that from bleeding into work life. When you notice an employee that seems like they might be in a funk, do what you can to lift their spirits. The simple things can make a big difference when this happens. It doesn’t always have to cost anything or even take much of your time. Sometimes, a simple “Thank you” will do the trick. Make sure your employees receive due praise for a job well done.

For more of a permanent effect, do your best to offer flexibility. Allowing your staff to work around family commitments can create a steady flow of good mojo. When employees know they have the freedom to attend their child’s activities or care for an elderly parent they feel loyal to the organization offering that freedom. And they will be more motivated to produce the results you hoped to see.


Be totally honest with your employees and take ownership of your mistakes, teach them how they can learn from failures and take the next step forward. Encourage them to come straight to you (or their supervisor) whenever they make a mistake by ensuring people are not ridiculed. Make sure you and other leaders in your business use these instances as learning opportunities. Remember, everyone has that go-getter attitude in them, sometimes it just takes a little encouragement to come out.

Encourage your employees to have fun! At Employers Resource we have four core values we live by, one of them is, “Have Fun!” If people don’t have fun with what they do every day, they’re likely to stop doing it. Around here, we believe that a job well-loved is a job well done.


To inspire means to fill someone with the urge to do something, especially creative. People want to know their skills are relevant and useful in the organization they serve. Inspire your employees so they want to contribute to your company in a way other than their usual clock-in, clock-out. Find a way they can communicate ideas to upper management and have those ideas considered. But also let them get their hands dirty by making them a part of the process in making their ideas or company projects a reality.

Don’t manage at an arm’s length. Get close enough to your employees that you know their top strengths. When opportunity comes along, you’ll know who would be most productive doing what. Calling on those people when you need them will inspire them to take on challenges. This is the perfect combination of highlighting their value and contributing to your organization as a whole.

Engaged employees feel lifted up, encouraged, and inspired by their co-workers and leaders. Motivate your team! Create an engagement strategy that works for your business. Whatever it is, what’s important is that you care about your employees happiness and internal motivation. Engaged employees represent more than the management at your company, it’s a sure sign of success.  

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