3 Signs You Already Lost Your Best Candidate for the Job

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In today’s hiring market, employers sometimes have to fight for the best candidates. Applicants often own the market and can choose where they want to work and under what conditions.

There’s a lot of information out there for job-seekers but we’re here to help you, the recruiters and business owners. We’ll help you attract and retain only the best employees because we know it’s not always easy. When hiring, prevent these mistakes so you don’t have to see your best candidate for the job walk away.

Don’t Make These Mistakes and Lose Your Best Candidate for the Job

#1 – A Poor First Impression

You only have a few seconds to make a good first impression. When hiring, you don’t even get that opportunity. The job description is your company’s metaphorical handshake. Make sure you always write amazing job descriptions.

The other way candidates will gain a first impression is through sites like Glassdoor. I use Glassdoor all the time to research companies. Search your company through these job board sites. Make sure you’re not losing top performers before they even get to your door.

#2 – A Messy Interview Process

An unorganized interview is a big red flag to a job-seeker. The hiring process takes a lot of time so plan to dedicate a good chunk of your attention to it. Respond to applicants resumes and emails promptly. Schedule interviews and stick to that planned time. Even if it’s just a pre-screen phone interview, call on time and don’t make them wait. Eliminate distractions before hand and have your questions ready to go.

Keep in mind, job-seekers are interviewing you just as much as you are interviewing them.

#3 – Lack of Communication

You probably don’t intend to ignore any of your candidates but, 60% of job-seekers say they didn’t receive regular updates on their status for the position at all. When you find your best candidate, you should make an offer immediately. But, make sure you don’t forget about all the other good applicants who also took the time to interview with you. Update them on the status of the position as soon as possible. If your first pick doesn’t work out, you don’t want other applicants declining because they saw the signs.

Even if you had no intention of offering them a position, don’t just stop calling. These are the people who go back to sites like Glassdoor and tell the world about their experience interviewing with you. Make sure you leave every candidate with a good impression of your company.

Don’t make these mistakes and lose your best candidate for the job. Develop a full-proof hiring process to prevent bad hires and retain quality employees.

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