2 Secrets For Attracting Talent To Your Business

The law of attraction may not be as mysterious as we all have thought. What is the trick to being an attractive place for prospective employees and being a workplace that outsiders covet? Attracting new talent is consistently on the top 10 list for business owners in all industries. Gaining and retaining valuable employees is a constant battle. In terms of growth for you business, hiring the right talent is essential.

Here are two Secrets that will help you in your quest for finding and hiring the creme of the crop more effectively.

1. Understand The Law of Attraction

Attracting talent is simple. Learn what prospective employees want, then have it. The best way to be a place where people want to be is….BE a place where people want to be. Find out what attracts talent. Then, do that. BOOM. DONE. You’re welcome.

Seriously, don’t over-think this. Ask current employees what they like about working at your company and highlight it in your help wanted searches. Amplify your strengths. If there are weak points in your employee pitch then improve the areas you are weak in. Don’t have the benefits package employees are looking for?  Find out how you can, it may not be as out of reach as you thought. Create a culture that is enjoyable to be a part of. People will come to you if you focus on creating a place worthy of bragging about to their friends. Listening to current employees is never a bad place to start for insight.

2. Be A Human

The other day I read a great email from Nina (one of our client service coordinators in San Antonio) that called out boring help wanted ads. We have all seen them. The boring job postings that might as well be the sound of cold metal chains clinking together as a prison guard comes to take you away. For some reason there is a notion that job postings must be formal, cold, and robotic. Checklist of requirements, education, certifications, skills desired blah blah blah. These job posts will accomplish something (maybe finding and hiring a robot?), but we encourage you to break this mold. Add some personal touch…some human touch.

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After all, you are people, trying to find other people. There will be a relationship that develops.  Instead of  “the chosen candidate will have the following skills…” and continue on with cold 3rd person language that’s almost insulting to a reader, try introducing yourself, talk in first person. Tell them your role, your company story, why it is a place that is rewarding to work at, and talk in plain language about the person you are looking for. Look at it as a way to start a conversation…. You will be surprised by the different quality of people that you attract with this approach.

It may be challenging to make these changes, but the pay off will be worth it. We can do better when it comes to posting help wanted ads. Remember, your business is only as good as the people who comprise it.

Find the right people, hire them, then take care of them.

So there you have it, discover what people want and have it. Then talk about it like a human.

Have a great day of business, and thanks for being a business owner.

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