Don’t Fall Behind: Use Facebook to your Advantage

If you don’t yet have a Facebook account for your business, it is imperative that you create one. If you have a Facebook business page or other social media account but don’t post on it weekly, now is a great time to start. Why? Because over 665 million users worldwide log into their Facebook page each day!

Facebook: An Amazing Business Resource

Most of you are a part of that big number but are yet to take advantage of what Facebook can do as one of your business resources. Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other U.S. website, including your business website. The reason? Facebook is interactive and tailored to their needs. It is one of a few free and easy social media business resources that will let your consumers know that your business is active and relevant, attracting new business.

How do you attract new business? For a small fee, you could run a Facebook ad that would run on the right hand sidebar of the specific demographic that would be interested in your services. You could also share free insider tips and knowledge that would benefit all those who have already liked your page. Social media for Employer’s Resource, for example, would talk about tips for compliance, payroll, and office efficiency. As you post more tips, not only are you more visible, but your clients begin to see you as a reliable authority in your field. That means you will receive more referrals. Employer’s Resource has found that consumers now trust the referrals their Facebook friends post on their walls more than what is written on your website.

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In fact, even if the first thing they see about your business is your website, they will more heavily rely on the opinions of their peers when deciding whether or not to use your services. The business resources on Facebook make it easy for your clients to brag about your services and products just by tagging you in a post for their hundreds or thousands of friends to see. More people can know about your business and your clients, and you would be surprised at how your business can increase in influence, impact, and revenue.

How to Start a Facebook Business Page

Your Facebook page is your business personified. It’s one of the business resources that gives you a face that says to the public, “I’m a normal person just like you. I understand your needs, and you can trust me.” As we at Employer’s Resource have discovered, if you have great service and are relatable to your clients, you will have their loyalty. So now that you’re convinced, let’s look at 3 easy steps to get started on having a thriving Facebook account:

1. Create a Facebook account for your business following these directions:

On your personal Facebook home page (if you do not yet have one, sign up at, look to the left and you should see a menu topic entitled <<Pages>>. Click on <<Pages>> and it will direct you to an option on the upper right hand side to <<create a page>>. From then on, the directions should be easy to follow.

2. Start your weekly posts.

Keep it short and draw from your business resources and these genres: helpful tips, inspirational quotations, promotional offers, any news related to your industry, relatable and light personal stories/thoughts, or poll questions.

3. Try a Facebook ad for a day to test if you get new likes.

If it works, keep using it!

Once you’re set up, don’t forget to find and like the Employer’s Resource page. We will happily respond by adding a like to your social media page. Now, go get started and begin reaping the benefits!

Make it a great day!



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