You Won’t Believe How Long This Client Has Been in Business

The business was started in 1922 in the garage of Luke’s great grandfather.  It was then passed down to Luke’s grandfather, then to his father and current owner, Kirk Ragsdale and now Kirk’s son, Luke, has been readying himself to take over the reigns of the business.


It is extremely rare that a business lasts 93 years, much less down through 4 generations. It is truly remarkable.

Their long lasting success and ability to survive and thrive for so long is proof they’ve been able to get more than just a couple things right of the years.


Twenty five years ago, our CEO George Gersema met with the 2nd and 3rd generation ownership of this incredible company and brought them on as one of our first clients in Dallas.

DCS 25th Luke and Priscilla

Priscilla Fowler from Employers Resource began processing their payroll on something that looked like a green screened computer. For 25 years, Priscilla has processed their payroll week after week for a total of about 1300 payrolls. That’s mind boggling to even think about…

Luke Ragsdale (4th Generation) shared with us the reasons they have stayed with Employers Resource for the past 25 years…

“Employers resource does a good job for us, and I personally thank ya’ll for putting up with the sporadic way I get the time over to you guys! It’s also nice to know I can always pick up the phone and get an answer from someone quickly. The ease of doing business is what has kept us with Employers Resource…”

We presented them with a 25 year plaque and snapped a picture of 4th generation, Luke Ragsdale, and Priscilla Fowler.

We are so thankful to be able to rub shoulders with incredible people like this who perfectly exemplify the businesses who are truly the backbone of our American economy.

Happy small business week and long live the freedom to dream!

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