Summertime and Business Time for ERM Employees

Sprinkler hose - let your employers have fun with summer with flex time, picnics, etcWith Fourth of July here, can you remember how as a kid you looked forward to summer?  Whether it was summers at the lake, baseball games, sleeping in or running barefoot in the grass, we all have our memories of summertime.  I’m not sure people stop looking forward to summer.  It’s vacation time for Pete’s sake!  I have a few ideas to help you be a hero with your staff and employees this summer:

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Flex Time Schedules for Staff and Paid or Free Internships

First off, flex time… we have allowed our staff to work flex time schedules for many years and they LOVE it.  Some staff or paid internship guidelines are to remember you have a business to run, so employees can’t all have off the same days.  Consider having a rotating week where every employee gets to work four 10-hour days and have Friday off at least once a month.  In areas where the summers are scorching hot, you may want to allow staff and those in paid internships or free internships to come in earlier and leave earlier.

Summer Picnics for Staff

Picnics!  We do several every summer here.  We have an advantage of having a large grassy yard next to the office for barbeques and picnics, but hey, you can always go to a park.  There are water parks that will give you great deals and places like Dave and Buster’s that have fun ways to play together as well.  Maybe the boss would like to do a company sponsored meal at their home, too!

Small Outings and Events

Big things come in small packages.  It’s amazing how much fun and how little money an old fashioned root beer float afternoon can be.  Take a Friday afternoon from 3-4pm and sit around talking about the summer days of your youth while sipping root beer floats.  The nostalgia will be enchanting.


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