Our Management Team Is “Good to Ride the River” With You into 2013

Our Management Team is Looking Out for You

This year is just flat coming to an end faster than I want, but like they say “time waits for no man.”  Here at Employers Resource people are scurrying around getting the new federal and state income tax rates entered, running proposals, locating new IRS  and other tax forms, doing new client orientations, giving time and attendance demonstrations and just doing all they can to be ready for 2013.  It makes me so proud to hear the conversations about how they are helping our clients.

Here in the west we have an expression I want to tell you about.  Back in the old west when people were moving cattle and riding in wagon trains, crossing rivers was the most dangerous part.  A man who could keep a level head and just do what needed to be done to cross safely was someone that was said to “be good to ride the river with.”  People, every employee here at Employers Resource looks out for our clients so well that you can know when you get to whatever river you need to cross they will “be good to ride the river” with you.

Miss Mary says:

Well you cowboys do have a way with words.  Yes, our workforce is certainly in high gear.  This time of year is our busiest and with all the overtime, training, and hard work I have not heard one complaint.  I’d say we and our clients are just plain blessed.  I’d love to sit and visit a little more, but I need to go and make sure our team know how much we appreciate them.


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