Only the Real Deal

image of woman with headphones on. she is holding the headphones over her ear. There is a couch in the background.

You do know who Marvin Gaye is right? Did I just give my age away?

Marvin Gaye was one of my favorite singers of the 1960-1970’s. He was Mr. Motown to me. So what kind of advice does he serve up? “Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing”.

As I was contemplating how to handle a client issue today I put my iPod on Motown and immediately Marvin was on singing about the real thing. And I was immediately agreeing with him. There is nothing like the real thing and my clients can tell when we are giving them real or not. Can’t you tell when someone is hiding something, only giving you part of the story, etc.

Your clients/customers deserve nothing but real. Even if real is hard to communicate you will be better for it and so will they. Think about that while you listen to this.  

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