Hire a Great Management Team and Ask Great Questions

“I have learned that great leadership is not about knowing all the questions.  It’s about knowing what great questions to ask, and carefully listening to those answers.”

Patrick Thng, Managing Director, Development Bank of Singapore

I have spent the last 30 some odd years (pssst…you should never try to guess the age of a Southern lady) disciplining myself to ask great questions.  And I know without doubt that asking that great question is only the first half of the equation.  To be a great leader, you need to have the right people around you to ask and then spend a lot of time listening.

Hire and Listen to Management and Employee Staff You Trust

Listening is certainly the second half of the equation.  If you will take the time to hire quality management and employee staff who have the attitude of making the company better, you will be able to trust their opinions and experiences.  I have found that in my PEO business where I am constantly having to be in compliance with so many state law guidelines and national policy guidelines with the department of commerce and labor department that I can’t know everything myself.  I have great staff who stay on top of united health care benefits, payroll and wages, human resources and safety issues as well as new laws and regulations.  Trust me, I ask a lot of questions and I listen even more.

So, my advice… find great people, ask them lots of questions, and listen carefully.  You will be amazed at what you can accomplish!

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