It’s All About the Training

image of people walking in the aisle of a plane and finding their seats. Many people are already sitting. The image has a transparent blue filter over it

My work motto for 2016 is “Training and using the machine in 2016” (using technology better). And we try hard around here to keep training an ongoing event. I am even more determined after witnessing a recent incident.

I was flying home and my Atlanta to Salt Lake City was diverted in Denver for a medical emergency. A lady in front of me had a heart attack. Up until that point, our flight attendant had been all perky offering extra treats to those of us behaving, etc. Just a totally awesome flight.

As soon as that lady got sick I watched that flight attendant go from perky to I’m in charge and know what needs to be done mode in a split second. I respected those flight crews before, but I can tell you I have a whole new appreciation for the training they have and their abilities to step in and handle whatever gets thrown their way.

After the lady was taken off the plane and we were back up in the air, the attendant was asked if she had ever had that happen before. She said, “No, that was my first.”

WOW, can you imagine your team being so well trained that even on the first time they go into action and do everything right. Me too! I’m going to be doubling down on training to give my team the peace of mind that they are prepared for whatever comes.

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