Celebrate National Salesperson Day!

On National Salesperson Day, we’re giving a huge shoutout to our sales team. Being in sales means long trips, picking up the phone at odd hours, and just being available. It’s not an easy job, and our reps are pros.

Why do we love our sales team?

They understand a complex business. PEOs are complicated, and our sales team needs to know every aspect of the industry: payroll and taxes, compliance, benefits administration, and more. Basically, they’ve got to understand the gritty details of HR administration. And they do.

They care about how they sell. Some sales teams focus only on annual goals. Our team develops partnerships. They have a deep understanding of our core values and they live them out:

Do the right thing. These reps place the customer over the sale: they learn what our customers’ businesses need, they help where they can, and they are transparent when they can’t.

Have an attitude of gratitude. Each one of our reps brings a positive attitude to their work and to their clients: they love helping businesses succeed.

Build long-term relationships. Making a sale means making a commitment to your client, one that continues after the ink dries.

Have fun. Our team takes this one seriously. 😉

Thanks guys!

Barrett, Eddie, Gray, Jim, Richard, Ruben, Tom, and Wes – we appreciate everything you guys do for us, and for our clients!


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