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It’s Here! Get the Holiday Cookbook You Helped Us Create

It’s back, just in time for the cold weather: the Employers Resource Holiday Cookbook! Each year we ask you – our clients and coworkers – to send in the Holiday recipes that you enjoy with friends and family, and you did. We are so excited to share a collection packed full of delicious recipes. This cookbook represents great memories of holidays spent with friends and family all across the nation.

Cookies, cocktails, cakes, dips, and main dishes – you’ll find enough material for a decadent holiday spread. (And for those of you with a sweet tooth, the Banana Bread French Toast will change your life.)

We want to thank everyone who helped us put this together, and we’re humbled that you would share the recipes that make your holidays special. Whether or not you are part of the Employers Resource family, feel free to print, copy, share, and cook with your loved ones as you wish. It’s a gift you’ve all given us and we want to pay it forward. If you find any joy in this cookbook, we encourage you to pay it forward by donating to your local food bank.

We are so thankful to have such an incredible network of Employers Resource friends and family. We wish all of you a fantastic holiday season and hope you get the chance to grab some valuable time with your close friends and family, and to enjoy some great food!

*Special thanks to Kylene C from Boise, ID who donated her beautiful design work to help us create the original cookbook! Download our holiday recipes by clicking on the button below (no email required).

Enjoy: Download the Cookbook
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