Donna Taylor

Donna brightens every day at the Anaheim, CA, branch of Employers Resource!Joining the Employers Resource team only three years after opening the PEO world to protection through customized HR outsourcing; Donna Taylor has helped pave the way. On behalf of the founders and staff of Employers Resource, along with all the satisfied clients, we would like to express our appreciation for Donna Taylor from our Anaheim, CA branch on the occasion of her 25th Anniversary.

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It is fitting that we take a moment to celebrate all that is Donna.  Miss Mary recalls knowing as soon as Donna walked into the office that she wanted to hire her.  Her personality is a bright and fun addition.  During the holidays, her cheerful voice will always wish you happy holidays before asking how she might make your day better is one thing that especially defines Donna.  At the same time, while Donna rejoices in her success, now is the time that we all must learn from Donna’s hard work, reaffirm our commitment and redouble our efforts. There is still much to come in our efforts striving to protect the American Dream. Only with people like Donna, we’ve been able to make this happen.

The professional employer organization hasn’t been the same since Donna has graced its profession. We appreciate this opportunity to be part of Donna’s celebration and look forward to working with her in the years to come.

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