Why I Chose “Defender of the American Dream” as My Costume This Halloween


I have a love/hate kind of thing with Halloween.  Some years I’m all in, and some years are kind of like “yeah, yeah.”  This year, a crazy election season has coincided (yes, craziest election time ever).

Given the implications of Obamacare, and this new minimum salary threshold for exempt employees, I decided if The American Dream ever needed a defender it is now.

So… my daughters helped me put together a costume.  I think it’s maybe a little misleading as people keep saying “oh you’re Wonder Woman.” I have to say “No, I’m a Defender of The American Dream.”

I’ve been explaining all day about why I chose this persona for today, and this time.  You know what? It’s made me even more proud than ever to be in the role I am at this company.

I get to work with super heroes of this country every day — small business owners. We talk about all the compliance that they have to deal with. We talk about challenges like the new OSHA regulations (I call it strangulation), and benefit rates soaring to outrageous heights.

I know better in this minute why I do what I do than ever before. I am proud and happy to stand in this place and be a “Defender of the American Dream” for my clients and all small businesses.  Hey, maybe that does make me and my team all “Wonder Women and Men!

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween! Keep defending the American Dream. It is alive and well, but under attack.

#staybold #stayfree

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