Are You a Leader or a Manager? This Infographic Explains the Difference

Three business people sitting around a table chatting

Are you motivated by your head or your heart? Are you a rule maker or breaker? Are you a leader or a manager? Did you know there is a difference? Business owners often take on the role of both, and so much more. But, if you know where your strengths lie, you will become more effective in your core role as the proprietor.

The best way to serve your team is to know your strengths and let them shine. When you work in your element, whether you’re a leader or a manager, you’ll be happier and more productive and your team will be motivated and engaged with their work.

Here’s an infographic from to tell you where you land. Most people have qualities of both but are stronger in one category. Look through this list of 17 traits and let us know where you land. Do you agree with the answer? Are there other traits you think should be included in the list? Let us know in the comments!


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