Answer the Phone: A PEO Hypothetical

Why should employers answer the old-fashioned phone instead of using automated messages?

I just had a bad experience…an auto accident, bought a product that didn’t work, etc.  I need to tell someone and/or I need help.  I find the phone number; dial it and listen to the first ring, second ring, now excited to be almost to the point of asking for help… the call is answered.  I hear this… “We are currently experiencing a very heavy call volume.  Be assured that your call is very important to us and the next available customer service representative will take your call.  If you’d like to go to our website, you may be able to find a solution to your request or problem there.  If not please hang on and we’ll be with you shortly.”

Taking Care of the Customer in Customer Service

Okay, do you think I am overjoyed right now or not so happy with the company I just called?

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I am NOT happy.  I need help from this company that I trusted enough to do business with.  Had a real person from client service answered and told me someone would call me back or I could hold I’d feel a lot better about how much they care about me.

Putting People over Technology

I know that some companies are so big they can’t answer every customer service call personally.  And I know that some are small enough they could and have chosen to use automated answering systems.  As an owner of a PEO, I believe that in this high-tech world we live in we sometimes assume that technology is the answer to the service needs of our clients.  It simply is not the answer every time.  In most cases my clients (and yours) just truly want to talk to a real person.

Go on… try it out.  Start answering those client calls yourself and make a difference in the life of the person calling you.


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