2014 Vacation Club Winner!

vacation savings club winnerCongratulations to Carl, the 2014 Savings Club Winner!

Employers Resource would like to congratulate Carl Blair in Ohio as the 2014 recipient of the Savings Club Winner check. It’s always great to bring a little bit of joy to an employee’s day. Carl has been part of the Employers Resource family since 2009 and with our client’s company since 2002. When Amy (pictured) first mentioned that she needed to talk with him later in the day, he started to worry that he was in trouble, but when they paged him to the lobby he was handed a check. He started dancing when he learned it was for $500! It made everyone around happy and served as a great reminder that fun summer days are ahead for everyone.

As part of our popular Vacation Club savings plan, Employers Resource randomly selects (out of a virtual hat) one lucky participant as the winner of an extra five hundred dollars. We thought it just might be that extra bonus to inspire our clients and their employees to find the fun side to the business. I think we made Carl one happy winner. He couldn’t believe that out of our entire professional employer organization, he won. After learning the size of the pool each year, winners feel pretty lucky!

Preparing for vacation funds and securing finances couldn’t be more enjoyable. Especially when saving in advance provides the chance to not only earn interest, but an extra $500 too.  To learn how Carl was able to earn extra through savings, see what our savings plans can do for your employees by reading about our Smart Perks plans.

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