Which of These Small Business HR Personalities Are You?

Four drawings of people, all different colors, title - Which HR strategy do you use?

We all have our own unique ways of dealing with things. When it comes to managing small business HR administration, it’s no different.

How do you handle HR administration at your business?

Different personalities and different businesses translate into all kinds of “creative” ways of dealing with HR headaches.

Before we go any further, maybe you don’t even know what we mean by HR administration? HR administration is simply the day-to-day administrative tasks like paperwork, compliance, payroll, and others that come with having employees.

Here’s a run-down of the various ways of dealing with HR administration that we’ve seen, maybe you can relate to a couple?

The out of Sight out of Mind Person…

This person believes that if they don’t worry about it, think about it, read anything about it, or touch any of the paperwork related to HR administration then it doesn’t really exist. Or does it?

The I’ll Worry about It Later Owner…

“I’ll get to it eventually” is a common phrase uttered by this guy when it comes to anything related to HR. There are just bigger and more pressing issues that continue to push all of the “HR stuff” to the back of the line. But “later” doesn’t seem to come around too often…

The in-House Specialist…

This person weighed their options and saw a good argument to hire an HR specialist. If you have enough employees, administrative HR tasks and the budget, sometimes it makes sense to hire an in-house employee. Sometimes a whole team. But they have a tough time finding one or even 5 employees who are qualified to handle everything they need them to in-house.

The Super Software User…

There are all kinds of HR related software being created these days. This person is the type who is just fine with piecing segmented software suites together to take care of your administrative HR needs. Like a big SAAS band-aid that makes them feel better by covering a festering wound. The most common software they implement is related to payroll. When they run into a tough question and need an answer they end up logging into and yelling at a dashboard on their computer.

The Divide and Conquer Employer…

The “you do some, they do some, nobody really knows who’s doing what” guy. But technically all areas have been assigned to someone…technically.

The Control Freak…

This person only trusts himself to do anything right for the business. They have a hard time giving over control to anything related to the business, so these small detail oriented tasks just end up piling up on their desk until it gets too large to talk over and they spend an afternoon taking care of the more “pressing” issues and filing the rest into the “other” file in their trusty file cabinet. At least someone else isn’t doing it that could screw it up, right?

The Savvy Outsourcer…

This person understands that HR outsourcing does not mean loss of control, is more effective and affordable than in-house solutions or piecing together software platforms, and knows it’s a critical part of their business to get right. They choose to outsource as a strategic move for their small business to control risk and be more productive.

No matter how you’re handling HR right now, we know one thing, we’d like to put a smile on your face when it comes to HR administration. When you have to hire some employees, we don’t think it should turn your American Dream into a nightmare. Let us talk to you about how we make having employees easier and more simple.

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