Welcome to ‘The Owner’s Manual’: A Blog by Employers Resource

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Same Blog, New Name

Our blog is now called The Owner’s Manual.

This is a blog to help you build and protect your American Dream. We will continue to provide employers the tools and information they need to survive and thrive as a business owner today. You can now subscribe here to receive encouragement, HR and business best practices, safety guidance, compliance tips, and much more as often as you’d like. Just like our goal is to make our clients lives easier, this blog exists to make business owner’s lives a little easier.



What’s Behind the New Name?

Owner’s manuals contain information to help assemble, operate, maintain, and provide warnings. You own a business, this blog is your manual. It will make your life easier as you build your American Dream. It will help you survive and thrive as you navigate the challenges of payroll, HR, state and federal compliance, safety, workers’ comp and having employees.

We Believe in The American Dream

Despite all of the challenges thrown at business owners these days, the American Dream is still alive and well and it is as rewarding as it has ever been. This blog will celebrate it. This blog will help you protect it. This blog will help you build your American Dream.


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