‘The Ultimate Internship Guide for Employers’ eBook Now Available!

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Summertime is a popular time for intern programs, but not all programs are created equal. To help you create an internship program that you’re proud of we’ve created the “The Ultimate Internship Guide for Employers“.

We encourage all employers, even if you already have an active internship program, to check out this guide. It will help you look at the complete picture of creating an internship position or improving what you already have. From planning, to managing, to hiring, and finally how to end them in the best way possible.

There are many different reasons why employers choose to create internship programs, but no matter what your reason is, this guide will help you. It all starts with purpose: why are you seeking an intern and why is the intern seeking an internship? Your answers to these questions will dictate which guidelines you will have to follow and whether you can you legally implement an unpaid intern program. This guide will help you decide if an intern program is right for your business, if your internship should be paid or unpaid, and best practices to make your intern program successful. You can create a WIN-WIN internship program.

What Does the Ultimate Internship Guide for Employers Cover?

Here’s a basic outline of what you’ll find after downloading the eBook:

  • Internship Basics
  • The 8 Steps of Creating a Successful Internship
  • Determining goals
  • Exploring your options
  • Legal and compliance considerations
  • Creating a compensation plan
  • Filling the position
  • How to manage interns
  • Creating a clean ending
  • and much more!

This guide will help employers understand the advantages that internships offer employers, the challenges to look for, and an 8-step process that will help you create a successful internship program. Follow these guidelines and make the internship a positive experience for you and your interns that will keep drawing more top talent back to your business each year.

Get your copy of the The Ultimate Internship Guide for Employers


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