Simplify Your New Hire Orientation with This Free Checklist


Use the New Hire Orientation Checklist to onboard your new employee without missing any crucial steps. Some of these items might not apply to the position or your organization but all are good reminders just in case you forgot something.

You don’t want your new hire coming to you a week later asking where the bathroom is, right? Now that would be silly… Use the checklist to cover all your bases.

The New Hire Orientation Checklist

In this checklist you will find mini-lists for:

  • Pre-First Day Documents
  • What to Cover with HR
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Benefits Forms
  • Policies to Review
  • And Follow-Up

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There’s lots to do before your new hire can get to work! Don’t forget a thing with the new hire orientation checklist, download here or by clicking the box below.

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