To Those Who Have Overcome

don't lose hopeRunning a business is tough in more ways than I have time here to explain. If you’re an employer or have been one, you know what I am talking about.

One thing I respect most about entrepreneurs is their mental toughness and persistence. Their drive to keep going despite all the odds being stacked against them.

Most don’t understand how difficult it can be to stay positive and hopeful when starting a business.

We hear all the time about the overnight successes and the start-ups that seem to instantly blow up. Although it’s very impressive and I respect their success, I really admire those who continue to fight for something — who don’t lose hope in the midst of all the disappointment.

Today, we’d just like to say — good job.

Business owners rarely hear thanks for the self-motivation, blood, sweat and tears that they have poured into their company. Sure, you get the occasional gratitude from employees, customers, or clients for a job well done, but rarely for just being a business owner,  an honest business owner, a positive community influence, a job creator, a person with a dream, or a person with courage.

Though you may often feel like an anthill among mountain ranges, know what you have overcome to keep your business alive and growing is an Everest on our map.

Don’t lose hope. Keep why you started in the first place in focus, then pat yourself on the back today and walk into work knowing that being a business owner is truly something extraordinary.

Now get back to work and keep doing what you love to do.


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