Monday Motivation: Eat Your Way through a Productive Day [Infographic]

A person holding out a handful of purple grapes.
Want to feel motivated and productive all day, every day? Yes, even on Mondays. After BBQ’s and drinks all weekend it’s time to get your gut back in gear. Get ready for the work week. The absolute best way to start your Monday is with a healthy breakfast. But don’t stop there…

If you want to keep going all day (avoid that 2pm slump) then you have to practice good nutrition. Without it, you’ll experience highs and lows throughout the day. You’ll lose precious time that could have been more productive had you planned appropriately.

What if I told you I could take the work out of it for you? I bet good nutrition would seem a whole lot easier, right? Well get ready cause here it is. This infographic from Hubspot is all you need to keep your mind and body fueled throughout the entire day. Bon appetit!

Stay Healthy and Stay Motivated!

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the productivity diet

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