Interview Questions for Employers [EBOOK]

Want to improve your interview skills and navigate interview questions while staying in compliance like a pro? Our new “Interview Questions for Employers” eBook is for you!

A CareerBuilder survey found that over 6,000 global hiring managers have, at one point or another, felt the effects of a bad hire. That means those companies have wasted time and resources by hiring someone who turned out to not quite fit the position. We believe this is a direct result of an issue within the interviewing process. More specifically, we believe it’s an issue caused by employers struggling to ask the right questions.

This eBook is more than an employer interview guide. It takes an in-depth look at the art of using strategic and powerful questions to reach better outcomes as you perform your interviews.

From the moment you craft your job description, post a wanted ad, and start gathering resumes your final destination is in mind — a successful hire.

A successful new hire is one that you know is a good fit for your company and that your company is a good fit for them.

Go on a journey with us as we explore this critical skill of asking effective interview questions.

This eBook provides specific examples of interview questions for employers. It talks about the three major phases of the interview process:

  1. The job description and pre-interview screening process
  2. The formal interview
  3. Wrapping up the interview and selection

Perform better interviews by asking the right questions AND know that you’re in compliance throughout the interview process.

If you’re like most small business owners, you don’t have the time to become a hiring expert. Think of this guide as a compass leading you to your desired destination – the perfect candidate. This is your map to help you navigate the winding road of interview questions.

Get a copy of this FREE eBook for yourself today! Here are some of the main skills it will cover:

  • The job description
  • Questions to ask in the pre-interview screening
  • Question examples for during the interview
  • Standardized vs. Customized approach to interview questions
  • Behavioral questions for discovering soft skills
  • Questions for discovering a culture fit
  • How to avoid compliance pitfalls
  • Questions for after the interview

A successful hire is a journey powered by strategic questions. The key to your success lies in the tremendous power of questions. Safe travels!

Download our new eBook and learn how you can navigate this journey and help you and your interviewees enjoy the process.

Get started in the right direction, follow the path, arrive at your destination.

May Your Questions Guide You…


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