What You Need to Know About Hiring Millennials

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Graduation season is here and a new crop of Millennial graduates will be handed diplomas in the days and weeks ahead.  Many employers will be considering whether they want to hire these Millennials. These youngsters enter the workforce facing concerns like whether they will find suitable work, their looming student debt, skeptical employers, and some others that may surprise you…

As you grow your business and continue to look at workforce planning/hiring needs, here are helpful things to consider with today’s younger applicants and what they are really looking for.


Sure, Millennials May Have Some Challenges….

This generation is already known for feeling entitled and lacking motivation.  There are many more stereotypes that exist about this group:

  • They are always looking for the next best thing
  • They have been brought up with the idea that “everyone gets a trophy”
  • They have less conservative views
  • They lack loyalty
  • They are lazy

This Video further highlights these stereotypes…

Millennials Have Strengths Too…


Keep in mind that Baby Boomers were once considered the selfish and spoiled “Me Generation”. Every new generation introduced to the workforce is considered the new weak link. They all grow and mature and produce mature workers who make major contributions. Consider the many benefits these younger workers can bring to your organization and how they might give you a competitive advantage:

  • They are technologically advanced
  • They are multitaskers
  • They are eager to learn new things
  • They bring new ideas
  • They are creative
  • They are looking for someone to look up to and learn from

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What to Do

To get the most out of this new generation of workers you have to understand what motivates them.  They are motivated by meaningful work, competitive pay, and sense of accomplishment. Some of these youngsters you hire will be your future leaders.  Get them performing at their highest potential from day one using these tips:


Create clear expectations – Keep them on track by setting up expectations upfront and early. Set goals for them weekly, monthly and yearly to encourage focus. Encourage variety in their work day as long as it is helping them meet deadlines.

Provide feedback – After setting expectations, they require regular feedback on their progress to stay motivated. Take advantage of this by not just praising them, but taking the opportunity to teach and correct if needed. They might surprise you and turn this “weakness” into a strength by learning more quickly than past employees.

Find a way to recognize their work – Millennials have a longing to feel like what they are doing is important and they are on the right track. This sounds needy because….well, it is. BUT it’s what they know and a little recognition goes a long way with this generation.  Implementing a simple reward program for small milestones will keep them working hard and provide the praise they need.

Allow collaboration – Millennials are very team oriented and this will allow their creativity to shine through.

If you view them as kids entering your workplace, you will treat them like kids, and they may end up acting like kids. This will not help you or them. They don’t want jobs, they want to make a difference. Understand them, motivate them and capitalize on the future work force.

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