The Right Way to Handle Personnel Changes

the bus keeps rolling

It’s All About the Bus

During my first month at Employers Resource I was on a conference call where some recent changes in personnel were being discussed. Our company was experiencing a period of major personnel change. This can be challenging and discouraging as you watch valued employees leave and then see work pile up that must be done. Our CEO, George (aka the Cowboy), was on the call and shared some great insight and wisdom gained through his experience throughout 28 years of running this company.

George reminded us that change should not be something that is feared in a company. The best thing to do is embrace it and keep moving forward. He acknowledged that sometimes employees and business owners have a hard time adjusting to the unfamiliar and embracing the unknown, but it is important that we keep our eyes on the prize and continue to focus on the future instead of dwelling on the past.

He shared a quote from Jim Collins,  “First get the right people on the bus, and the wrong people off. Then get the right people in the right seats over time.”  This is a part of Collins’ “first who, then what approach.” It serves as a great reminder that when personnel changes in your business happen (and they will) it is simply people getting off the bus to make room for the right ones to get on. It’s all about the bus.

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Sometimes change can feel chaotic and discouraging. Maybe you lost a key employee?  Maybe you didn’t get the one you wanted to hire? Whatever the circumstance, relax and know that change is not a bad thing. From one employee to all employers, take a page from the Cowboy and allow your employees to follow your example by embracing the change with a positive attitude and leading them forward. After all, when the dust settles it is just change. Over the past few months I have seen the Cowboy’s words ring true and serve as a testament of how Employers Resource has continued to grow and thrive for nearly 29 years. Some people have left their seats, and new people have taken those seats. The bus continues to roll. Sometimes you just have to grab the wheel and keep driving forward, be thankful that you’re on a bus, and enjoy the ride!

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