A Collection of Small Business Owner Wisdom


We believe in the American dream of small business owners. We are celebrating this with a #DreamItBuildIt theme this week during Small Business Week 2014. During the interviews for our Business Spotlights about Small business owner’s stories of the their pursuit of the American dream, we’ve been able to collect some great quotes and we thought we’d share the wealth.

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Here’s some great advice from other small business owners who are making it happen. They had a dream and worked hard to build that dream.  They were willing to share some insights they’ve gained during the journey, great advice they’ve received, or general thoughts other business owners can relate to. Enjoy!


 “Things are only going to happen as fast as you as the manager/owner of a company make them happen.”


“Three things make the difference: Education, A desire to make the company profitable, and satisfaction of a job well done.”


“It takes a long time to build a service business.”



“Three things have contributed to the success of my business: Employees with a trusted work ethic, long term relationships with customers, and long term relationships with vendors.”


“Service cost is based on overhead. You must be tight and efficient with not a lot of fat on the books if you want to be successful.”


“Surround yourself with good reliable people. Be frugal. Focus on loyalty with your employees, your customers and your vendors. Partner yourself with good partners.”


“I started small and lived cheap. I can honestly say that it was all worth it because there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.”


“It’s great to have a business that still allows me to have a good family connection.”


“You’ve got to crawl before you can walk.”


“Work hard, sacrifice a lot and don’t give up when times get tough.”


“Sometimes you have to work more and make less.”


“One thing I have learned that all small businesses can relate to is the importance of and how to organize the right team.”


“Don’t be bullied out of your dreams.”


“Follow your instinct. Be true to yourself and make your dream a reality!”


“Owning your own business is a 24/7 commitment.”


“Do what you love and you’ll never ‘work’ another day in your life.  In other words, be passionate about what you do.”


“Dream big and follow your instincts, don’t listen to naysayers, but most important, if you are not completely competent in any one thing, hire a consultant until you are and then…. and this is important…. know when to stop using them.”


“There’s always change. There is no golden key. We all have it hard. Everyone has challenges, there is no free lunch. You just have to face the challenges.”


“If you have a dream go for it, you have to make sacrifices; you will have to work really hard if you want it. But you can have both your family and a successful business; you just have to work twice as hard. “


“Don’t take challenges personal or too seriously. Laugh about it, joke about it.   Find great partners to go into business with. Have trust in each other, count yourself lucky, and don’t let egos get in the way.  Care about your employees. You have to be people first then business owners.”

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