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The Employers Resource Co-Employment Model (diagram)

The Co-Employment Model - Employers Resource

In 1985 Employers Resource began using the term co-employment. We were pioneering a completely new and better way to run a business, the co-employment model.

  • A model that consists of a unique employment partnership between an employer and a co-employer.
  • A model that allows business owners to protect their time and resources to spend it on growing their business.
  • A model that lifts the weight of employment related details from the their shoulders.
  • A model that allows them to be more focused while at work and sleep better at night while knowing that their businesses is protected from compliance laws and regulations.
  • A model that allows a small business to offer BIG business benefits to their employees.

The co-employment model is the model that Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) utilize to  partner with a work-site employer (the client). Employers Resource assumes the administrative employer role. We created this diagram to help business owners understand the relationship more clearly and grasp exactly how we partner with them to carry the burden of employment for them.

We are passionate about allowing business owners to do more of what they are passionate about — running a business. We believe in the American Dream. We value the jobs that small businesses create for the economy. We have built our business around protecting this dream.

In the diagram below, the items in the grey areas represent responsibilities of each employer in the co-employment model. As you can see, Employers Resource takes on all administrative responsibilities for an employer allowing them to manage the core business items and eliminating many of the smaller details from their work day.

The Co-Employment Model - Employers Resource

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