W2 vs 1099: What Employers Need to Know About this Apples and Oranges Comparison [FREE EBOOK]

W2 vs 1099

The misclassification of independent contractors is a serious issue in our country today, and could potentially get your business into hot water with the government. This is obviously the last thing you would want, but like many people, you may be confused about the differences between W2 vs 1099.

We want to eliminate this confusion for you! Therefore, we have created an ebook to help you understand this issue so that you can make the best choices for your small business. Download our free guide to learn all about W2 vs 1099, and answer any questions you may have about employees and independent contractors.

Here are some common questions about W2 vs 1099 that we cover in this ebook:

  • Why should employers worry about the difference between W2 and 1099?
  • What are the differences between independent contractors (1099) and employees (W2)?
  • How are employees and independent contractors classified?
  • What different obligations do employers have to employees and independent contractors?
  • What laws and regulations should employers be concerned about when choosing to hire independent contractors or employees?
  • What criteria do different agencies look at when determining independent contractor classification?
  • What are the possible repercussions of misclassifying independent contractors?  

The use of independent contractors can be a valuable way for a small business to save money on a project that they do not consistently need an employee for. However, this classification is frequently misused and abused, which could cause substantially more trouble down the road than it was worth.  

You may feel like you have a handle on the ins and outs of independent contractors and employees. However, there are quite a few myths and misconceptions out there. In this ebook, we will help you separate fact from fiction by debunking some of the most common myths and clarifying issues you might be confused about.

You may be familiar with how independent contractors differentiate from employees. However, did you know that there are more than one set of criteria used by different agencies? In this ebook we will walk you through these different tests and what factors four different agencies consider to be most important. This way, you can be sure all your bases are covered, and you won’t be surprised by a problem when you thought you were doing things the right way.

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