Finding the Right Words to Point Employees to Employee Assistance Programs

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How do you find the right words to point people to our employee assistance programs?

Several weeks ago our Employee Assistance Program partner Cascade Centers, Inc. was featured as a useful benefit offered through Employers Resource.  This week we’d like to remind our clients that this plan also offers help to employees who deal with issues such as depression, family crises (divorce, death, etc.), alcoholism, drug addiction, teen problems and suicide prevention.

Here’s a few invaluable tips to help employers refer employees to appropriate providers:

  • When you mention to employees that an EAP service is provided by your company, do so in a generic and consistent manner.
  • Say something like “ I want to let you know that we have trained professionals available to assist employees in a wide ranges of areas, including family problems, illnesses, elder care, finance, depression, drug addiction and more.  Here’s how to contact them…..”
  • Leave it up to the employee to contact the EAP.
  • Don’t say things like “ The EAP has good drug counselors” or “ Mike was depressed, and the EAP really helped him”.

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Also, remember that the EAP program can be used as a mandatory tool for enforcement of a Drug and Alcohol Policy in certain circumstances.  If you currently offer the Employee Assistance Program through our Bronze Program, we want to remind you that this is a useful and affordable benefit.  If you do not currently offer this service, contact your Client Service representative for further information.

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