New Healthcare Regulations

Cowboy Says:  Say NO to State Insurance Exchanges

Well, now comes the big power play.  The federal government pushing the states to create insurance exchanges.  I hope every business owner in America will call his or her state senator and representative to tell them to not implement exchanges.  The federal money expires in a couple of years, and then the states are left with the tab for these state exchanges.  Anyone remember Medicaid?  Just say NO to drugs and just say NO to Obamacare.

Miss Mary Says: Don’t Forget New Regulations for Company Insurance

I know.  I don’t like the government seemingly choking the American Dream any more than you do, but let’s be practical.  We have to be in compliance with new healthcare and insurance regulations and help our clients do the same.

For example, this January all employers who issue more than 250 W2’s will have to report the total cost of employer-sponsored HEALTHCARE plans on the employee’s W2’s.  Remember: only for employers with over 250 W2s.  So for all of our clients who are smaller than that, there is no requirement to do this.

For those who are required to report it, this is the total amount of the coverage for that employee.  This means the portion that the employer AND the portion that the employee pays.  It is the united health care plan only, so no need to add in dental, vision, etc.  We will be working with our clients to ensure we and they are in compliance.

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