The Advantages of Multiple Employer 401k Plans (Video)

Considering a 401k plan with Employers Resource?

Please watch the following video that provides an overview of the advantages of our Multiple Employer Slavic 401k plans we are proud to offer to our clients.

It covers our major advantages like:

  • Outsourced fiduciary
  • Customization options
  • The plan document costs are included
  • Investment platform
  • Investment advice
  • TPA services
  • No additional administration costs
  • Fiduciary liability

For our clients and employees already taking advantage of these plans, we also have a new enrollment video to view on our 401k plan info page here or by clicking on the image below. This video provides an overview of the plan, how the 401k works, loans and hardships, fees, investment info, risk, services, and how to enroll.

Employers Resource 401k Enrollment Video

overview video screenshot

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