New Hire Paperwork Checklist: Benefits

New Hire Paperwork Checklist Benefits

These are the benefits forms your new employees need. Be sure they are aware of any deadlines so they don’t miss enrollment. And check out our New Hire Paperwork Checklist for a full (and free) PDF of all the documents your new employee needs to be successfully onboarded.


Employee benefits are super important. They’re a great tool for recruiting and retaining quality employees, and employees have come to expect a few major types of benefits.

New Hire Employee Benefits

Use this list from to make sure your new hire has all the information they need to successfully sign up for their employee benefits. Your medical, dental, vision, life insurance, retirement, disability, and FSA information should all include the following:

  • Description: A summary of the plans and options, insurance provider, and eligibility information.
  • Deadline for enrollment
  • Effective date
  • Payroll deduction schedule
  • Required forms
  • Notes: Include any specific requirements, exclusions or deadlines.

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Get the Checklist

When you give this benefits package to your new employee, it’s a good idea to offer to answer any questions for them. Benefits packages can be overwhelming, especially for those younger employees. So make sure your new hire receives a warm welcome and feels comfortable asking any questions they might have. Click the box below to download our free New Hire Paperwork Checklist.

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